IT’S OVER!! Christine Brown’s shocking reason for ending her friendship with Janelle is revealed, “Janelle is Mean & Unsafe”

Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are best friends, but some fans worry that they’ve had a falling out. Today, they both seem to be doing their own thing separately, ahead of the new season of their TLC series.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Disclaimer Regarding Janelle Brown

Before Christine Brown agreed to get married, she made sure David Woolley knew that she came as a package deal with Janelle Brown. No, they wouldn’t share this husband like they did with their last one, but they would share their time with her.

Sister Wives | TLC

David was fine with this. So, Sister Wives fans saw photos of them hanging out as a trio, and even vacationing together. But that seemed to come to an abrupt halt.

Janelle and Christine posted a bunch of photos of the two best friends together. Whether it be four-wheeling, shopping, or promoting a product, they seemed inseparable. But now their social media posts seem void of each other… so what happened?

Janelle & Christine Hit a Rough Spot?

Some Sister Wives fans noticed that these two ladies don’t share posts about each other anymore. And they haven’t for a while now.

Both Janelle and Christine continue to post on their social media sites, but they are with their families and not each other. Despite their sister-like love for each other, neither of the ladies even mention each other’s names.

So, this worries the Sister Wives fans. They seem especially worried about Janelle Brown, who recently lost her son. When Garrison Brown died, fans knew Janelle had Christine, who seemed closer to her than a sister would be. But that doesn’t seem like the case today.

Sister Wives: Life Goes On

Fans note that by looking at their social media sites, it seems everything was the same up until Garrison’s death. Then it seems Janelle and Christine stopped sharing posts about each other. But there’s likely a good reason for this.

Janelle took off for North Carolina, to her daughter Maddie Brown Brushes’ home. Maddie shares this home with her husband Celeb and their three children. One of Janelle’s posts following the death of her son showed the Sister Wives grandmother on the beach.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

She was there with her grandkids. Janelle called this “beach therapy”. One of Janelle’s latest posts indicates she is still at Maddie’s house. So, maybe the two Sister Wives women didn’t have a falling out.

They are far away from each other and have been for some time now. So, this may be what makes it hard for them to spend time with each other. Christine Brown and Janelle Brown could keep in touch via phone or even FaceTime.

Sure, fans say it is a bit different not to see either one of these Sister Wives moms in a post or two together lately. But when Janelle returns home, it’s likely the two pick up right where they left off before Janelle Brown went to North Carolina.

Besides, with TLC getting Season 19 together, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see these two Sister Wives ladies together on screen.

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