It’s Over!! Departed! New Update! Janelle Brown Drops Breaking News || It Will Shock You

In a recent video, it was revealed that Janelle Brown has divorced Kody Brown, the patriarch of the “Sister Wives” family. This revelation came from Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendolyn, and her girlfriend, Beatrice Cuero, who discussed the matter on TikTok. Beatrice stated that everyone believes Janelle has already left Kody, and Gwendolyn confirmed this, enthusiastically supporting her mother’s decision. Fans online responded with fervent support, with many expressing that they had suspected this and hoped for more filming without Kody and Robyn.

Gwendolyn and Beatrice also indicated that only Meri and Robyn remain with Kody. Fans believe Janelle hinted at her separation in an Instagram post last month. In the post, Janelle shared a selfie holding a coffee cup and recounted a stressful travel situation, concluding with a lesson about adapting and dealing with fears. This post was interpreted by fans as a covert message about her impending breakup with Kody.

Christine Brown, who left Kody over a year ago, had previously shared the decisive moment that led to her departure. She recounted how Kody refused to accompany their daughter Isabel for scoliosis surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic, which deeply affected Christine and ultimately led to her decision to leave. This new development with Janelle adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing drama within the Brown family.

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