It’s Over For ever | Big 💔 Heartbroken | Sister wives | Kody & Robyn | Drop Bombshell | TLC

In the world of “Sister Wives,” Cody and Robin Brown have faced a storm of fan scrutiny. Their withdrawal from social media, with Cody only posting about splits with his ex-wives and their son Garrison’s passing, has left fans puzzled. Fans have criticized Cody’s treatment of his wives and adult children, leading to a decline in his popularity. Robin, once protected by editing, has been portrayed negatively, with fans feeling she took Cody away from the other wives.

Despite their silence online, fans have found ways to comment, especially after Garrison’s death. Some fans turned to old posts, offering condolences but also criticism. Cody and Robin’s decision to invite fans into their lives through the reality show seemed to backfire, with fans feeling entitled to comment on their lives. This scrutiny escalated to the point where a fan hacked into their personal accounts, leading to threats and harassment.

The Browns, feeling betrayed by their own fans, united with the other Sister Wives to confront the stalker. To their surprise, the stalker was a troubled young woman who had become obsessed with the show and the Browns. Instead of seeking retribution, the Sister Wives offered her help and compassion, connecting her with therapy and resources.

Through this ordeal, the Browns learned the power of compassion and forgiveness. They emerged stronger, with a renewed sense of unity. Despite the storm of fan obsession, they found solace in their bond as a family, knowing they could weather any challenge together.

It's Over For ever | Big 💔 Heartbroken | Sister wives | Kody & Robyn | Drop  Bombshell | TLC - YouTube

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