It’s Over! Robyn Reveal Bombshell Shocking News About Medical Support! It Will Shock You

Hey lovely viewers, welcome to my gossip channel! Today, we’re diving into the latest drama surrounding “Sister Wives” star Robyn Brown. Fans are curious about why Robyn seems to be taking a different path compared to her co-wives. Financial issues are reportedly the number one problem for Kody Brown’s family, a concern he’s voiced repeatedly throughout the seasons. After the last season ended, Kody claimed he’s losing sleep over it.

Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown are all busy making money. Meri runs two lucrative businesses: an online clothing line and a bed and breakfast called Lizzy’s Heritage Inn. She also sells slightly worn clothing that fans love. Janelle promotes products and offers Cameo videos. Christine sells clothing online and promotes various products, though her followers have asked her to tone down the marketing on social media.

Robyn, on the other hand, has been less visible. Her online shop, My Sister Wife’s Closet, has been dormant since March 2019. Fans are puzzled by her lack of contribution, especially since she lives in a nearly $1 million home. The Brown family pools their money to pay bills, but Robyn’s business isn’t generating income.

In a video, Robyn heads a board meeting for the online shop and gets a rude awakening. She lightly reprimands the other wives for treating the business as a hobby, but they reveal their true feelings. Kody admits he doesn’t enjoy working on the online store, and Janelle and Christine express the need to focus on their own profitable ventures.

Christine explains that the online shop was Robyn’s contribution to the family finances, not a family venture. This revelation upsets Robyn, and her store remained open but without significant effort to generate sales. Fans wonder if Robyn gave up in retaliation for the lack of support.

Additionally, Christine, not Kody, initially brought the idea of a reality show to the family. She was approached by Tim Gibbons, who understood their mission to educate viewers about polygamy. Although there was initial resistance, the family eventually agreed, leading to the long-running series that started in 2010.

Despite the show’s success, Robyn has faced criticism, being labeled a homewrecker and blamed for the family’s problems. Her recent disappearance from the public eye might be her way of escaping the relentless scrutiny. Whether it’s due to editing or reality, fans see her as a dominant figure, which may have pushed her to step back until the new season begins.

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