It’s Over! Robyn Reveals Bombshell Shocking News About First Date It Will Shock You

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown recently defended Cody Brown after he made a controversial comment about her. Cody, during an interview, referred to an “ick factor” he felt due to Robyn being a divorced mother with kids. Despite the shock from his other wives and the audience, Robyn defended Cody, explaining she understood his concerns. Their first date was also unconventional, with the couple sharing embarrassing personal details and discussing their future marriage. Cody revealed they talked about topics like stretch marks and smelly feet, aiming to build trust from the start.

The controversy continued when Cody kissed Robyn before marriage, breaking the rules of their polygamous community. Christine Brown, another of Cody’s wives, publicly criticized this act, despite reportedly advising Cody to kiss Robyn. This kiss has haunted Robyn, leading to strained relationships and public scrutiny.

Additionally, Janelle Brown, another wife, has faced her own challenges. After marrying Cody, she felt neglected and controlled, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Janelle ended their relationship in 2022 and recently faced the tragic loss of her son, Garrison, in March 2024. Despite these hardships, Janelle remains positive, focusing on her family and cherishing moments with her children.

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