Its over sister wives| Robyn Brown Wants To Leave Show & Relocate?

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been making headlines following her emotional clip for the upcoming Look Back episode. Many called her out for “fake crying” and trying to make everything about herself. However, it seems that the 45-year-old has plans to solve her problems once and for all, and it may relate to TLC. Keep reading to see what fans have to say about Robyn’s possible antics.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Is Starting To Suffer With Kody

Robyn revealed during the Tell-All that she and Kody are already facing struggles following the departures of Christine, Meri, and Robyn. According to the Sister Wives star, her husband is trying to make a mess out of their marriage by “self-sabotaging it.” Meanwhile, some Redditors believe that her recent behavior toward Kody tells a different story.

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Fans Think Robyn Wants To Leave Show & Relocate

Some Reddit users reacted to a fan theory regarding her future with the family. According to the poster, the Sister Wives star has been looking unhappy. Many also noticed that she’s been miserable during the special episodes, but it seems there’s a bigger issue behind her story.

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I think the bigger issue is Robyn wants Kody and her off the show rather than a divorce. Robyn seemed high strung about what Kody was telling the public rather than high strung about Kody.

Others also pointed out how Robyn wanted to stay despite all the challenges she’s facing with Kod today.

  • “I think Robyn doesn’t like the show because it shows people who she really is. She blames the show for being a pariah, not her own behavior, and once the show is gone, she thinks people will think she’s sunshine and rainbows again.” one fan said.
  • “Yep. She’s a weird mix of conflict-averse and conflict-seeking. If someone “slights” her, she holds on to it forever (see: teenagers taking 5 seconds to be psyched about another new baby) but also she can’t discuss it and work things out.,” another person added.

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Brown Moved To Cottonwood?

Some Redditors from a different thread previously reacted to a fan sharing their recent gossip with Kody and Robyn. According to the poster, their waitress gabbed them about Kody and Robyn’s sightings around Cottonwood.

Sister Wives Kody Robyn
Photo Credit: Sister Wives Facebook

While it’s unclear if they have relocated, some Brown kids have been actively sharing positive updates about their families. One of them is Mykelti, who previously claimed that Robyn and Kody plan to downsize.



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