Jamie Lee Curtis calls the Itaewon crowd crush “a horrific tragedy”

Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who appeared in the “Halloween” horror movies, sent her sympathies to the 154 people killed and 116 injured in the crowd crush in Itaewon, Seoul.

On October 29, as people gathered to celebrate Halloween, a terrible tragedy occurred in Itaewon, a multicultural neighborhood dotted with several pubs and eateries, most of which are located in little alleys.

The largest crowd crush in Korean history since the Sewol ferry disaster in 2014 happened as thousands of people jammed into an alley. Scores of people died and were injured.

The victims received the sympathies of Curtis and other celebrities.

“In Seoul, a tragic catastrophe. the absence of so many young people who would have celebrated with one another in freedom. Hold them and their families close while we celebrate Halloween in our own groups and ways,” Curtis wrote on Twitter.

The final installment of the Halloween series, which debuted in 1978, features Curtis as the title character in the movie “Halloween Ends.”

The 154 people who perished are being tried to be identified by fingerprints and family statements, and their nationalities, addresses, and genders are listed by the police, according to Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

With the exception of 25 foreigners and 4 Koreans, 124 of the 154 have confirmed addresses in Korea.

56 men and 98 women out of the total deaths were female. A total of 102 had addresses in big cities like Gyeonggi (60 people) and Seoul (60 people) (37).

Due to the Itaewon event, the Korean government designated Yongsan, Seoul, as a special disaster area.

According to officials, out of the 26 foreigners who perished in the tragedy, five were from Iran, four from China, two from Russia, two each from the US and Japan, one from France, Australia, Norway, Austria, Vietnam, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Sri Lanka, according to Yonhap News.

When the tragedy struck, Filipino Jeff Cruz was present in Itaewon and wrote, “I was able to record a video before the stampede incident in Seoul Itaewon last night. Thank God, it’s still sobra kasi talaga nakalusot pa.

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