Janelle Brown Announces New Life Changes After Tragedy! Season 19 Update!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is showing so much grit and strength after the tragic passing of her son, Garrison Brown. She’s always been a woman with tons of common sense. However, she’s also a warm and loving person. Right now, she’s going through hell in the public eye, and she’s not afraid to show vulnerability. Janelle’s so emotional and real, putting the focus exactly where it should be – on her son Garrison’s legacy.

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It takes real courage to deal with this kind of emotional devastation in such a mature, human and genuine way. Sister Wives’ Janelle wasn’t Kody’s favorite wife, but maybe she should have been. Right now, Kody’s fairly quiet – of course he is grieving, but it’s Janelle who is putting herself out there, letting the world know that Garrison was a wonderful son and a blessing. Fans see her tears and feel her pain – some of them have been through similar ordeals.

Janelle Brown Is Showing Her Love For Garrison Brown After His Tragic Passing

Janelle Brown Is Pure Love (She’s A Wonderful Mother)

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A lot has been said about the Brown family. For years, the Sister Wives cast has been critiqued. The feuds, romantic woes, and money issues have been put under a microscope.

The Browns are big stars. Anyone who Googles them will see thousands of pages of search results, and many of the articles have negative spins. The family has really brought the drama. However, until now, there hasn’t been heartbreak this intense and awful.For Janelle, it’s a test that she will pass with flying colors. She has endured so much already. That doesn’t mean that her heart isn’t broken.

When Janelle went out to work to help support the Brown family, just as Kody did, she was showing him that she was every inch his equal. She was a breadwinner who ended up with financial problems because she gave and gave. She put her paycheck to work for the family, was an excellent sounding board for Kody, and gave her children all her love.

Thanks to Janelle’s level-headed, earthy personality, she was able to avoid a lot of the typical Sister Wives histrionics, unlike Sobbin’ Robyn Brown, who was always bursting into tears. Kody was also prone to theatrics, calling his non-Robyn wives:



Janelle’s stayed strong through all of that, keeping her sense of self intact. Now, she’s dealing with the worst pain she’s ever felt, and showing so much grace.

Janelle Brown Was Good To Garrison Brown

It’s Terrible That Janelle Brown Has To Go Through This

When Kody met Janelle, she was immediately bewitched. She felt a connection but nothing happened between her and Kody at that point. However, she thought about him, and the clip shown above tells their origin story. When they married, she probably had a lot of hopes and dream, just like any other woman. Never in a million years would she have anticipated that she’d lose a sweet and caring son.

Everone goes through terrible experiences in life which scar them psychologically, but nothing is worse than losing a child. It’s a special kind of pain and no one deserves it, especially not Janelle. She’s so easy to root for.



Garrison rescued a cat from euthanasia. He loved hugging his mother and being with her. He was a good friend. Sometimes, people become depressed and they just can’t see the light. They may not always share everything that they are feeling. When Janelle tried to save her son’s life, she showed kindness and bravery that stand out. While she was too late, she didn’t hesitate to contact her son and try to help him. She would have done anything for him.

Sister Wives’ Janelle has dealt with things that a lot of women can relate to. Her marriage didn’t last. She worries about paying the bills. Maybe she’s lonely sometimes. Janelle is…real. She’s not one of those reality stars who puts on a show. What people see is what they get. When Janelle tells fans that her son was amazing, they should believe her. He was raised with love, and Garrison’s passing is no reflection on her parenting. Through the pandemic and before, she was there for her kids. Now, she’s still showing her love.

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