Janelle Brown Gifted Coyote Pass Property Her New Partner! Janelle Drops Shocking News

Janelle Brown believes the Coyote Pass property should be divided equally and insists on getting a professional appraisal to ensure a fair distribution.

Meri Brown disagrees with Kody’s plan to split the property unevenly and asserts that she deserves a share based on her financial contributions to Coyote Pass.

Both Janelle and Meri are justified in demanding a fair share of the land, as they have valid reasons and contributions to the family that should be considered.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives thinks the family needs a professional because Kody Brown isn’t fairly dividing the Coyote Pass property. The Brown family’s on-screen journey began in 2010 when TLC gave them their reality TV series. At the time, Kody was married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown and was looking to marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The polygamous family went through numerous ups and downs, from cozy gatherings to personal disputes. Eventually, the jealousy became so great that Christine left Kody and later married another man. In Sister Wives season 18, Janelle and Meri also concluded their relationship with Kody and moved on.

In 2018, Kody and his four wives got Coyote Pass land in Arizona. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well for the Browns. In a recent preview of Sister Wives by ET, Kody proposed dividing the land since everyone was splitting up. He shared that Christine had traded her piece of land with him, so he and Robyn deserved 8 acres worth of lots, while 4 acres go to Janelle and 2 acres to Meri.

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