Janelle Brown Has Lost All Of Her Ties With Kody & Moving Forward With Building Her Own.

Hi guys, welcome or welcome back to my channel, Tough Topic! My name is Britney, and I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Today, I want to talk about Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, who has been taking her life to the next chapter after a challenging few months and year. The only thing holding her back is her ex, Kody Brown.

Janelle has faced significant financial struggles. She felt stuck and had nothing after their separation, unlike Christine, who had a house. Despite this, Janelle has been finding joy in spending time with her children and grandchildren. Recently, she shared a photo of her son Gabe and daughter Savannah at Disneyland, highlighting her commitment to making memories. She has also spent a lot of time in North Carolina with her daughter Maddie and her grandchildren, cherishing these moments.

On the legal front, Janelle plans to sign over her part of the Coyote Pass property to Kody and sell her parcel, which could be a smart financial move. She mentioned last season that she was financially tied up in the property. Janelle and Kody jointly paid off $340,000 on the property in June 2023, but they never saw eye to eye on finances.

Kody and Robyn are now facing financial difficulties. They registered a family company in Nevada called Cody Brown Family Entertainment LLC, which included all four wives as members. This company was how TLC paid the family, but now that Kody has only one wife, he no longer receives those funds and can’t afford the land. Meri Brown’s intentions regarding the property remain unclear.

Janelle is in a better financial position now but still has legal matters to resolve before completely cutting ties with Kody. This situation underscores the importance of considering the big picture in relationships and financial decisions. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe so you won’t miss out. Bye for now!

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