Jasmine’s Shocking Betrayal: The Real Reason She Cheated on Sugar Daddy Gino!

Gino’s debut on “90 Day Fiancé” revealed shocking details about his relationship with Jasmine Panetta. Their relationship started on a sugar daddy website, indicating a transactional nature from the beginning. Despite claiming to be deeply in love, their toxic behavior and trauma continued throughout the show. Before moving to America, Jasmine lived in Panama, with Gino reportedly paying for her apartment. Fans were surprised to learn that Gino is quite wealthy, with reports suggesting a net worth of up to a million dollars. However, his frugality and controlling behavior caused issues with Jasmine.

Gino’s behavior became more concerning as the show progressed. He leaked Jasmine’s nudes to his ex-girlfriend, leading to Jasmine losing her job. Despite this, Jasmine forgave him. Further problems arose when Jasmine discovered Gino had lied about his bachelor party, where he was seen with strippers. Gino’s controlling behavior continued in America, causing misery for Jasmine, as seen in episodes of “Happily Ever After.” Surprisingly, Gino’s family sided with Jasmine during a reunion, highlighting the strain in their relationship.

Recent reports suggest that the couple has broken up, with Jasmine allegedly cheating on Gino. She has been seen flirting with someone else on social media, even celebrating Valentine’s Day with him. It remains to be seen if Jasmine will make her new relationship public on the show. Their relationship’s downfall seems inevitable, with both parties displaying problematic behavior throughout their time on “90 Day Fiancé.” Stay tuned for more updates on this dramatic saga.

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