Jealous Big Ed’s Desperate Hunt for His Next Victim: Competing with Liz’s New Boyfriend!

I smell like an egg salad sandwich, but it really works. Putting mayo in your hair isn’t a personality trait; it’s a cry for help. Hello everyone, this is your favorite, Angela, back with another juicy breakdown of Big Ed’s life trauma. Can you believe it? Big Ed is still pining over Liz, but guess what? The roller coaster has finally screeched to a halt because they are officially broken up. Hallelujah! Thank goodness for saving Liz. Now brace yourselves because things are spiraling into chaos. While Liz has already moved on and found herself a new man, Ed is pathetically scrambling to find his next target and make Liz jealous with his cringeworthy antics.

Big Ed and Liz were supposed to marry last year until Ed, in true cowardly fashion, called off the wedding behind Liz’s back. Not only did Big Ed drop this bombshell, but he also ghosted her for weeks. Finally, they managed to set a date for Liz to come to Arkansas, pick up her belongings, and relocate to San Diego. During their final goodbye, Ed insulted Liz’s mom, Patty, lecturing her about fixing herself before finding someone new. At last, Liz and her mom packed her bags and left, with Patty cursing Ed to die a sad, lonely man.

Big Ed and Liz were supposed to marry in August 2023. By winter, Liz began showing off her new boyfriend on Instagram. Meanwhile, Ed started doing live sessions on Instagram around Christmas, looking sad and lonely. In April 2024, Liz revealed she was celebrating her six-month anniversary with her new boyfriend, Jason Zuniga, a Navy veteran and single parent.

Big Ed later commented on Liz’s new relationship, pretending to be happy but claiming it wouldn’t last. Liz responded gracefully, saying not to give advice you can’t take. Liz has shown incredible growth, and it seems like Big Ed has been trying to compete with her. After promoting an international trip, a mystery blonde woman appeared on his feed. Now that Big Ed is single again, he may be looking for his next victim. Stay tuned for more updates!

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