It seems like John did learn some Portuguese after all. Between his fighting with Ta’s dad, Sophie moving out of Rob’s apartment again, and Gino and Jasmine trying to move forward after their humiliating fight at the appliance store, this episode has it all. “Clara is absolutely responsible for this,” Rob says. “It’s pushing me to a place where things might get out of hand.” Was that a threat, Rob?

Let’s start with Gino and Jasmine. Last we saw them, Jasmine was telling Gino he wasn’t a real man, and Gino retaliated, saying she wasn’t a real woman, all in an appliance store. Today, Gino wants to take Jasmine out for lunch to make amends. Jasmine begins to tear up, telling Gino that his words really hurt her feelings. Gino apologizes, but points out that Jasmine started it by insulting him first. Jasmine realizes she was wrong and genuinely apologizes, promising to try hard to stop starting arguments.

Jasmine asks Gino to take the initiative in their intimacy, to which Gino agrees. They discuss their physical attraction, with Gino reassuring Jasmine that he finds her attractive. This positive reinforcement works, and Jasmine reciprocates, calling Gino the most beautiful man in the world. Later, Gino takes Jasmine shopping for pageant dresses, revealing he knows a lot about pageants, having almost participated in one as a child. They find the perfect dress, and Jasmine feels confident and classy.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Clara deal with the aftermath of Sophie’s argument with Rob. Sophie receives a text from Rob, who wants her to come home but blames Clara for everything. Sophie acknowledges her mom went too hard on Rob but insists Rob also owes Clara an apology. Clara suggests they move back to London, but Sophie wants to stay at Kay’s house for a few days. Clara volunteers to join Sophie when she goes back to Rob’s to pick up her stuff.

Rob isn’t happy Clara is there, feeling she hinders his reconciliation with Sophie. Despite this, Rob apologizes to Clara for upsetting her, and Clara accepts. Sophie decides they both need space to reflect on their relationship, but Rob points out that moving out didn’t solve anything last time. Sophie’s indecision frustrates Clara, who believes Sophie needs to give Rob another chance.

Finally, we catch up with Patrick and Taise during a dramatic family dinner. Carlos criticizes Jose for charging Patrick rent for their apartment, creating tension. Despite Taise wanting Patrick to ask for Carlos’s blessing, Carlos refuses to give it, blaming Patrick for lying. Taise is upset with her dad for causing tensions, and the dinner test to see if the families could get along fails.

The next day, Taise organizes a night out with her friends, but Patrick feels uncomfortable. Taise’s friends don’t like Patrick, feeling he stole her away. They grill Patrick about an old incident where he kissed another woman, trying to stir up drama. They also criticize John, Patrick’s brother, as a bad influence. Despite these tensions, Patrick remains committed to making things work with Taise.

This episode showcases the complex dynamics and ongoing struggles of the couples, highlighting their attempts to resolve conflicts and move forward in their relationships.

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