Jon Gries and Jennifer Coolidge Talk About Returning for Season 2 of “The White Lotus”

The White Lotus’ second season is now available on HBO and HBO Max, with new episodes airing every Sunday at 9 p.m.

The comedy-second drama’s season has a new cast of actors and a new location, with visitors making their reservations at the White Lotus in Sicily.

The White Lotus fans are eager to see what happens next because two well-known characters from Season 1 have returned for the new episodes of the anthology series.

Jennifer Coolidge is reprising the rich but troubled Tanya McQuoid character for which she was nominated for an Emmy earlier this year for outstanding supporting actress.

Tanya was dealing with her mother’s passing and grieving in Hawaii in Season 1. Audiences will perceive Tanya this time around in a different light, yet with the same chaotic intensity.

According to Coolidge, who spoke to Newsweek, Tanya is hiding behind her grief in the first White Lotus because she has a great deal of weight to bear due to the loss of her mother.

When you remove that, you can believe that everything is going well. “I met this person I really like, the grief… I’ve scattered my mother’s ashes, and I can move past that. Sometimes you come to the realization that is only the beginning of something entirely new. Relationships and individuals are so unpredictable, and the chances of a relationship succeeding are occasionally very tiny.

As Greg, Tanya’s potential love interest, Jon Gries is also returned for Season 2. Because Greg appeared to be passing away from an unknown illness at the end of Season 1, his resurrection will come as more of a shock to viewers.

Even the actor who plays Greg was surprised by Greg’s appearance. Gries stated to Newsweek: “When we were filming the first season, I recall talking to Mike [White, the show’s creator], and he said, “You know, Tanya and Greg might have to come back for Season 2.” How is Greg going to return for Season 2? I asked. Mike wasn’t telling me anything, so I pretended that he was actually dying.”

Gries claimed that his persona was “White rebuked him, saying, “You can’t tell me he’s going to be dead. This wasn’t written by you. I composed this.”

Gries noted that a few months later, “He texted me just ahead of Christmas. I was simply eating in a restaurant when I suddenly realized that I was writing this. And are you free right now?” I responded, “Are you kidding? Naturally, I’m available.”

“It’s a fantastic feeling to come back and work with my gorgeous wife,” he jokingly remarked.

Coolidge admitted that she had to conceal Greg’s reappearance and present herself as the lone Season 2 returning character.

She laughed: “Because I would have to respond “Yes, yes” when someone remarked, “We hear you’re the only character coming back,” it appears that I was being unfair to Jon [Gries]. I just had to make up a lie, but now that my spouse is back, everything is different.”

When viewers see Greg and Tanya in Season 2, they are married. In Season 1, the outwardly unremarkable Greg and the extravagantly indulged Tanya fell in love at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii.

The couple takes a romantic vacation to Sicily, but relationship problems are starting to surface.

Greg miraculously lived after Tanya paid for his therapy, it is also revealed in Season 2. He gets a fresh lease on life as a result, which is not necessarily a good thing for their marriage.

Coolidge declared: “I believe that for a little while, his near-death experience may have humbled him, but he is now feeling well. He is a labor of love. That’s the thing, sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting into when you join up for someone, some individuals are just…”

She made fun: “You believe their affection is limited to you. However, humans can be unpredictable and confusing at times.”

Said Gries: “Everyone likes people, so it all depends on your expectations. They show them different types of love.”

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