Kalani Faagata Reveals Shocking Timing Of Her Pregnancy With Dallas Nuez

Kalani Faagata has revealed the shocking timing of her pregnancy with Dallas Nuez, including how she managed to hide it from plain sight, even while filming the show. Kalani, from California, was married to Asuelu Pula since 2017 after losing her virginity to him during a vacation. However, she revealed that Asuelu had been unfaithful from the start, cheating on her over a dozen times throughout their marriage. Kalani began dating Dallas after Asuelu asked her to kiss another man.

Kalani and Dallas welcomed their first baby together in June 2024, but no one knew she was pregnant. Kalani enjoys interacting with fans on Instagram, where she recently conducted an “Ask Me Anything” session. Fans were curious about how she managed to keep her pregnancy hidden for nine months despite being a celebrity. Kalani surprised her followers by sharing a photo with Tania Maduro and Daniel Gates, explaining that she was pregnant when the photo was taken.

Kalani shared that the picture was clicked after she finished filming the tell-all for “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” Season 5. She and Tania were invited as guests for the reunion, which took place in New York. Kalani revealed that she told Dallas about her pregnancy while they were at their hotel in New York. Despite feeling nauseous and trying to hide it, Kalani managed to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Kalani did not disclose how Dallas reacted to the news, but he has hinted at getting engaged to her. In March 2024, Dallas openly asked for her ring size. While Kalani and Dallas might be engaged, she knows how to keep such details private. However, Kalani recently responded to a fan asking about her baby plans, stating she has no plans for another child at the moment.

Kalani and Dallas have been together since November 2022, and despite initial doubts from fans about their relationship, she trusts Dallas to be the father of her child. Only time will tell how their relationship progresses and if Dallas becomes a “90 Day Fiancé” star.

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