Kalani Reveals Pregnancy Shocker To Asulue! Get Ready To Dump Michael Hiding Us

Kalani Faagata from “90 Day Fiancé” recently revealed surprising details about her pregnancy timeline. She shared that she informed her new partner, Dallas, about the pregnancy. Initially, Kalani had a “hall pass” to even the score with her husband, Asuelu, after his infidelity. However, this one-time arrangement evolved into a full-fledged relationship, leading to her unexpected pregnancy. Kalani, who already has two sons with Asuelu, shocked fans with the news of her new baby with Dallas.

Kalani took to social media to share photos of her daughter, celebrating the baby’s one-week milestone. This revelation was a surprise to many, as she had kept her pregnancy a secret. The timeline of her pregnancy suggests she conceived around September/October 2023, coinciding with the filming of the season 5 tell-all episodes in NYC.

In another “90 Day Fiancé” update, Michael and Angela continue to be a controversial pair. Despite years of a tumultuous relationship, Angela suspects Michael of scamming her. Michael, who is part of a WhatsApp group called “Paradise Men,” has allegedly been looking for ways to scam older American women.

Michael has been spotted in the US, traveling between Indianapolis and Texas. After leaving Angela, he appears to be happier, though he remains discreet about his exact whereabouts. Fans have mixed reactions, with many viewing Michael’s actions as part of an elaborate scam. Despite Angela’s toxic behavior, she continues to receive most of the criticism. Meanwhile, Michael’s motives and actions are still under scrutiny.

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