Kick Out 😭! Sheeda Drop Divorce News To Bilal🤔? Prepared To Be Shocked

After the conclusion of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” Season 7, Bilal Hais and Shaya Swen faced numerous challenges but ultimately found happiness in marriage. Their journey began with a connection on social media, leading to an engagement in Trinidad and Tobago. Shaya moved to Kansas City to be with Bilal, though adjusting to a new country was tough, exacerbated by Bilal’s unexpected request for a prenuptial agreement focusing on future parenthood terms. Despite trust issues and control dynamics, they married in Season 9.

Returning for Season 7 of “Happily Ever After,” their relationship struggles persisted, especially concerning parenthood. A romantic trip to New York City failed to mend their differences. By the season’s tell-all segment, Bilal expressed readiness for children. In September 2022, Shaya hinted at pregnancy, sparking rumors on social media. Tragically, in February 2023, she shared heartbreaking news of a miscarriage, finding solace in faith and publicly sharing her experience to support others in similar situations.

As of June 2024, fans are curious if Bilal and Shaya are trying for a baby again. Amid personal challenges, including caring for her unwell mother, Shaya shared touching moments on social media, such as a birthday celebration for Bilal, demonstrating their bond through thoughtful gestures and shared experiences.

Meanwhile, in a separate story, “90 Day Fiancé” personality Stacy Silva responded defiantly to criticism about her lifestyle and appearance, underscoring her financial independence alongside her twin sister Darcy. Despite ongoing scrutiny, they maintain a significant social media presence and financial success.

In another narrative, Jib Bell from “90 Day Fiancé” inspired fans with his charitable acts during a visit to Serbia, where he engaged with local children and embraced Serbian culture, sharing heartwarming interactions on social media. His travels and interactions continue to captivate his audience, emphasizing his newfound appreciation for Serbian traditions and cuisine.

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