Kimberly breaks her NDA and reveals why she went back to USA and left TJ in India

Kimberly from “The Other Way” Season 5 recently had a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, revealing why she left TJ in India and returned to the United States alone. During this session, she broke her NDA, stating she has no regrets about her decision. Kimberly, 30, and TJ, 33, may be getting a divorce, as suggested by her cryptic Instagram posts. Kimberly works as a psychic and lives with her parents in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She shared that her spirit guides led her to TJ, an Indian man she dreamed about before meeting him. TJ contacted her via Facebook DMs, and Kimberly eventually flew to India, spending a year there and getting engaged.

However, Kimberly struggled to adapt to Indian culture after relocating permanently to marry TJ. Despite efforts by TJ and his brother to help her adjust, Kimberly couldn’t follow their family’s traditions. Feeling unfit for the lifestyle expected of her, she returned to the US, where she feels free and spends her days as she pleases. Kimberly mentioned feeling betrayed by TJ, who had promised she wouldn’t have to live as a traditional Indian wife but revealed different expectations after their wedding.

A 90-Day Fiancé fan page screen-recorded Kimberly’s Q&A session and uploaded it. In the video, when asked if she was happy in India, Kimberly responded, “No, absolutely not,” adding that she is not in India and is unhappy whenever she is there. When another fan asked if she brought TJ to the US, Kimberly got triggered and told the fan to mind their own business. She emphasized that she now lives freely in the US, whereas in India, TJ’s family expected her to serve them constantly. Kimberly returned to the US around mid to late September and is no longer adjusting to life in India. She now feels liberated and is focusing on her happiness.

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