Kody Brown Speaks For Truely, She Won’t Call David Step-Dad?

Now that Christine Brown is remarried, will her kids refer to David Woolley as their stepdad? Kody Brown doesn’t think so.

Part 1 of Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding special aired this weekend, and fans of the show watched Christine in her glory as she prepared for her special day.

Kody wasn’t invited to be a part of his ex-wife’s wedding, but TLC still filmed him and got his take on everything happening in Christine’s life.

While speaking about his and Christine’s youngest daughter, 13-year-old Truely, Kody revealed that he doesn’t feel she’ll refer to David as her stepdad once Christine and David tie the knot.

“To be honest with you, Truely’s the youngest of all of that group, and she’s old enough [that] I don’t think she’ll ever call him ‘Dad’ or ‘Stepdad’ or refer to him as ‘Stepdad,’” Kody confessed, adding, “Maybe.”

Kody recognized that despite his beliefs, at the end of the day, it’s not his decision to determine how Truely refers to Christine’s new husband.

Kody Brown says it ‘doesn’t matter’ if Truely decides to call David Woolley her stepdad

“But it doesn’t matter,” Kody continued. “I mean, this is all their choice, whatever they choose to do.”

Kody wasn’t the only one who offered an opinion on how to refer to David after he became Christine’s husband.

Two of Christine and Kody’s older daughters, Aspyn and Ysabel, discussed the topic while getting ready for the wedding rehearsal.

Ysabel asked her sister, “Do you think it’s weird that he’s being more referred to as our stepdad?”

Aspyn paused before she answered, “I wouldn’t call him that. … He’s our mom’s husband.”

Aspyn also admitted that she didn’t want to refer to David as her stepdad because she didn’t “know what to do with it” because the topic was “foreign” to her.

Ysabel continued to wonder about talking about David to others and how she would refer to him.

“Everyone’s just family, so…” Aspyn concluded, and Ysabel agreed that they didn’t need to worry about David’s title and that if they asked him, he’d probably suggest they just call him by his first name.

Truely found out her parents were getting divorced during Season 17 of Sister Wives

Truely is the last of Kody and Christine’s kids to fly the coop, so she took the news of her parents’ split the hardest.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Truely found out her parents were divorcing during Season 17 of Sister Wives, and it wasn’t the way Christine had planned, which was to sit down with Kody and break the news.

Christine was on the phone with Mykelti and didn’t realize Truely was nearby when she heard her confirm she was leaving Flagstaff and moving back to Utah.

“So I sat Truely down, and I told her we’re moving,” Christine confessed in the clip. “And she started to cry.”

Kody felt it was ‘inappropriate’ for Truely to share a home with David before he and Christine got married

Once Truely and Christine relocated to Utah and Christine began dating David, Kody reportedly had some strong opinions about David being a part of Truely’s life.

According to a source close to Kody, he wasn’t pleased that Truely was living under the same roof as David and Christine before they were married.

The source spoke with The Sun and claimed that Kody felt it was “inappropriate” for his and Christine’s youngest child to be living in an “unwed household.”

Truely is sharing a home with David and Christine in Utah now, and one major difference as opposed to living back in Flagstaff is that she’ll have a father figure at her disposal 24/7, not just when it’s Kody’s turn to spend time with her.

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