Kody KICKED OFF ROBYN as MOST HATED WIFE, AFTER Decision Sell Coyote Pass as Financial Woes Spiral

In a surprising turn of events, Kody Brown, the patriarch of the Brown family from the popular reality TV show “Sister Wives,” has reportedly dethroned Robyn Brown as his most hated wife. This shift in family dynamics comes amid a series of financial troubles and the contentious decision to sell their long-held property, Coyote Pass.

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Financial Struggles and Tensions

The Brown family’s financial difficulties have been an ongoing storyline, with tensions mounting over their sprawling Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff, Arizona. The property, purchased with the intention of building a communal family compound, has become a significant financial burden. Delays in construction and escalating costs have exacerbated the family’s economic woes, forcing Kody to make tough decisions.

Selling Coyote Pass

The decision to sell Coyote Pass has been particularly controversial. Kody’s wives have had mixed reactions to the sale, with Robyn initially opposing the move. She viewed the property as a symbol of the family’s unity and future. However, as financial pressures mounted, even Robyn conceded that selling might be necessary to stabilize their finances.

Robyn’s Changing Status

Robyn Brown, once considered Kody’s favorite and the most influential wife, has seen her status within the family shift dramatically. Her opposition to selling Coyote Pass and perceived reluctance to adapt to the family’s changing needs have led to increased friction with Kody. Sources close to the family suggest that Kody’s frustration with Robyn’s stance has grown, contributing to her fall from favor.

Viewer Reactions

Fans of “Sister Wives” have taken to social media to express their shock and opinions on the unfolding drama. Many viewers have long been critical of Robyn, accusing her of manipulating family dynamics and being a source of discord. Kody’s decision to distance himself from her has been met with mixed reactions, with some fans feeling vindicated and others expressing concern for the family’s future.

The Future of the Brown Family

As the Brown family navigates this tumultuous period, the future remains uncertain. The sale of Coyote Pass could provide much-needed financial relief, but it also represents a significant shift in the family’s long-term plans. How the wives will adapt to these changes and how Kody will manage the evolving family dynamics will be closely watched by fans.


The ongoing saga of the Brown family continues to captivate viewers with its blend of personal drama and financial challenges. Kody Brown’s decision to sell Coyote Pass and the resulting fallout with Robyn marks a new chapter in the “Sister Wives” story, one that promises to deliver more twists and turns in the seasons to come. As the family grapples with their financial woes, the true test will be whether they can maintain their unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

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