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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been criticized for allegedly using her son Dayton’s tragedy for publicity. The mother of five and the last remaining wife of Kody Brown has been under fan scrutiny for some time now. An incident from Season 8 has resurfaced, and viewers have a lot to say about it.

In a recent Reddit post, a photo from Season 8 was shared showing Robyn’s eldest son, Dayton, in a hospital bed with severe injuries. Robyn is seen posing next to him, leading to accusations that she was using the moment for publicity. The original poster questioned the authenticity and appropriateness of the photo, calling it a “horrible publicity stunt.” Fans were appalled, noting how Robyn seemed to have time to style herself before rushing to her son’s side.

Critics claim that Robyn’s actions reflect a pattern of manipulation and insincerity. They argue that she often plays the victim in her marriage and that her tears seem staged. Robyn has positioned herself as Kody’s main wife, overshadowing the other wives and their children. Former third wife Christine Brown gave everything to the family until she was completely burnt out. Robyn’s arrival prior to Season 1 was initially a relief for Kody, but she soon became his favorite, pushing the others aside.

The backlash from the Season 8 photo incident isn’t the only criticism Robyn has faced. Fans have compared her to a manipulative Disney stepmother, accusing her of stirring trouble within the family, particularly with Kody’s other children. Despite having two biological children with Kody, critics believe Robyn’s adopted children are used to create conflict with Janelle and Christine Brown’s children.

On a more positive note, Christine Brown and her new husband, David Woolley, are finally going on their honeymoon. Christine recently shared on Instagram that they have scheduled their trip, expressing her joy in her new marriage and her excitement for the future.

In other news, Kody Brown has faced criticism for neglecting his daughter Mykelti on her birthday. Mykelti recently revealed that her father forgot to call her on her special day, highlighting ongoing issues within the Brown family. Fans expressed their disappointment, noting Kody’s apparent disregard for his children’s milestones and blaming Robyn for not reminding him.

As Sister Wives heads into its 19th season, the Brown family dynamics continue to evolve. With Janelle, Christine, and Meri leaving the plural marriage, Kody is now only legally married to Robyn. The family has faced significant challenges, including the recent tragedy of Janelle’s son Garrison’s passing. As the series documents these personal moments, fans are concerned about the impact on the family’s privacy and well-being.

Robyn’s attempts to explain Kody’s behavior have often caused more strife than unity. Fans are frustrated with her role as Kody’s spokesperson, feeling that she interferes unnecessarily in family matters.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Brown family and Sister Wives as they navigate these challenging times.

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