KODY & ROBYN BROWN Going BROKE? Shopping at Discount Stores & More OH MY !!!

In a surprising turn of events for fans of TLC’s Sister Wives, rumors are swirling that Kody and Robyn Brown might be facing financial difficulties. Recently spotted shopping at discount stores, the couple’s latest activities have fueled speculation about their financial status.

Shopping Spree Raises Eyebrows

Kody and Robyn, often seen as the more financially stable members of the Brown family, were recently photographed shopping at discount retailers. Fans quickly took to social media to share their astonishment. “Seeing Kody and Robyn at a discount store? Never thought I’d see the day,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “Is the Brown family going broke? This is shocking!”

Financial Strain in the Brown Family

The Brown family has never shied away from discussing their financial struggles on Sister Wives. With four households to support and numerous children, their expenses are undoubtedly high. However, Kody and Robyn have typically appeared more financially secure compared to the other wives, making these latest sightings all the more surprising.

Costly Ventures

Several factors might contribute to the couple’s current financial situation. The Brown family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona, has been a significant financial burden. Purchasing multiple properties and building homes for the large family have undoubtedly strained their finances. Additionally, Kody’s ambitious real estate ventures and ongoing legal battles related to their polygamous lifestyle could be adding to the financial pressure.

Downsizing and Budgeting

Insiders suggest that Kody and Robyn might be taking steps to downsize and budget more carefully. “They are being more mindful of their spending,” a source close to the family revealed. “Shopping at discount stores is just one way they are trying to manage their finances better.”

Robyn’s Perspective

Robyn, often seen as the practical and level-headed wife, has not shied away from discussing the family’s need to be financially prudent. “We have a large family and a lot of responsibilities,” she has stated in the past. “It’s important for us to make smart financial decisions.”

Kody’s Response

Kody, known for his entrepreneurial spirit, has also emphasized the importance of financial stability. “We have to be realistic about our situation,” he recently said. “Sometimes that means making tough choices and cutting back where we can.”

Fan Reactions

The news has elicited mixed reactions from fans. Some express concern and sympathy for the family’s situation, while others are skeptical, viewing it as a potential storyline for the show. “I hope they are okay and can get through this,” one fan commented. Another remarked, “Is this real, or just for ratings? Only time will tell.”

Looking Ahead

As Sister Wives continues to document the lives of the Brown family, viewers will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how Kody and Robyn navigate these financial challenges. Their ability to adapt and make necessary changes could serve as an important lesson in resilience and resourcefulness.


The sight of Kody and Robyn Brown shopping at discount stores has certainly raised questions about their financial status. Whether they are truly facing financial difficulties or simply making prudent financial choices, their actions highlight the ongoing challenges of supporting a large family. Fans will be eagerly watching to see how this latest development unfolds and what it means for the future of the Brown family.


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