Kody & Robyn Brown’s SPIRALING FINANCIAL CRISIS GETS WORSE ! Robyn Acted Mean To Hitting Kody

Robyn Brown’s alleged deliberate cruelty towards the other spouses in an effort to win Kody Brown over to herself has made her an unpopular cast member on Sister Wives. After marrying Mary Brown in 1990, Janelle Brown in 1993, and Christine Brown in 1994, Kody’s last spouse joined the family in 2010. This was to allow Kody to legally adopt Robyn’s children from a prior relationship, leading to his divorce from Mary in 2014. Robyn’s actions against the other wives may have started here.

Janelle, Christine, and Mary all broke up with Kody starting with Christine’s departure in November 2021. Kody’s prioritization of Robyn’s family over his other children during the Covid-19 pandemic worsened his ties with his previous spouses, who demonized Robyn for her perceived immoral actions. Robyn was accused of fat-shaming Mary, Janelle, and Christine, which she revealed in a January 2023 one-on-one program.

Robyn’s manipulative behavior continued, leading to significant weight loss for Janelle and Christine after they split from Kody. Robyn also played a central role in relocating the family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, causing further tension among the wives.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Robyn’s manipulation became more evident as she pushed Kody into monogamy, straining his relationships with Mary, Janelle, and Christine. Additionally, Robyn’s actions negatively impacted Kody’s relationships with his children from other wives.

Ultimately, Robyn achieved her goal of having Kody all to herself, complicating already troublesome relationships and achieving her dream at the expense of the family’s unity.

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