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Janelle Brown, known for her role on the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” recently shared a heartfelt reflection on her first Mother’s Day without her son, Garrison Brown, who tragically died by suicide in his Blackstaff, Arizona home on March 5. In an emotional Instagram post, Janelle expressed the deep grief she felt over the weekend, particularly poignant as Mother’s Day approached.

Mother’s Day has never been a significant holiday for Janelle, but this year was markedly different without Garrison, whom she shared with her ex-husband, Kody Brown. She described feeling the grief very close to the surface, especially when she made a strawberry rhubarb pie, a favorite in their household and particularly beloved by Garrison. Janelle noted that the combination of picking strawberries and randomly finding rhubarb at the local farmers market made it feel like the pie was destined, adding a bittersweet layer to her Mother’s Day.

Janelle’s message concluded with a heartfelt declaration of love for Garrison, saying she misses him every day. The Coconino County Medical Examiner later confirmed Garrison’s cause of death as suicide with ethanol intoxication as a contributing factor.

In addition to coping with her son’s loss, Janelle recently celebrated a significant milestone, her son Logan’s 30th birthday. She expressed pride in the man he has become, sharing a touching Instagram tribute with a video montage of Logan growing up.

Janelle’s granddaughter, Evangeline “Evy” Cody Brush, has also been in the spotlight recently. A video of Evy putting on her prosthetic leg by herself for the first time went viral, showcasing her independence and resilience. Janelle proudly reposted the video, expressing her joy and pride in Evy’s accomplishments.

Evy was diagnosed with a congenital abnormality called aloda before she was born, which affected her limbs. Despite the challenges she faces, Evy’s determination and spirit have inspired many online, with thousands of viewers applauding her strength.

Janelle’s journey through grief and her family’s moments of joy and resilience continue to touch the hearts of fans and viewers, highlighting the complexities of life’s experiences.

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