Leon’s Rage !! Leon Brown Shared Their Rage on Meri’s New Boyfriend Amos | Sister Wives Season 19

In a recent turn of events within the Brown family, Leon Brown has expressed his strong disapproval of Meri Brown’s new romantic partner, Amos. The revelation of Meri’s relationship with Amos has sparked outrage among family members, with Leon taking a particularly vocal stance against the union.

Leon’s public expression of anger stems from his deep-rooted concerns about Amos and his intentions towards Meri. Sources close to the family have revealed that Leon views Amos with suspicion, questioning his motives and suitability as Meri’s partner.

The outspoken nature of Leon’s objections has brought attention to the strained dynamics within the Brown family, highlighting underlying tensions and divisions. His vocal disapproval of Meri’s choice in partners has ignited discussions among fans and followers of the family’s journey.

Meri Brown is a single woman again.

The Sister Wives star has confirmed that her romance with Amos Andrews recently ended, four months after it started and about a month after she made it Instagram official.

“Last week, Amos and I did have a bunch of discussions and we decided to stop seeing each other,” Meri said in a video posted on her page Feb. 23. “We just agreed that it just wasn’t going to be a long-term thing.”

The 53-year-old said the breakup is a “huge bummer,” adding, “I still care about him. He still cares about me. He’s a good person. We’re just not each other’s long-term person.”

A day later, Meri elaborated further on the split. “When we have different dreams and aspirations, different communication styles and values, different visions for our futures, and these things aren’t aligning,” she wrote on Instagram Feb. 24, “it’s then that we need to make hard decisions.”

The reality star continued, “It’s a strange and sad thing to care about someone so deeply, to look beyond their past, because heaven knows we all have one, to see the kindness in their eyes and their giving heart, and still know that a life long relationship isn’t in the cards for you. It’s only in the dating process that you can come to these realizations, that’s what living and dating is all about.”

Meri plans to try dating again in the future. “When the time is right for me, I will dip my toes into this process again,” she said, adding, “I honor and care about the past four months, who I spent it with, and what I learned about myself through it. I know what’s important to me in a relationship, and I’m confident in myself while I’m single as well.”

Meri Brown, Amos, Instagram, 2024Instagram / Meri Brown

The reality star had announced on her birthday Jan. 16 that she was dating Amos, posting a photo of the two together on Instagram and calling him “the good looking guy I’ve been dating since October.” This marked her first public romance since she and ex-husband and Sister Wives star Kody Brown—parents of Leon Brown, 28—confirmed in January 2023 that they had split after a 32-year relationship.

Meri said in her latest Instagram post that she plans to “continue to look into my future with the hope of new opportunities and the confidence of continued personal growth.”

She added, “This is a time in my life to prioritize me, my well-being, and my personal evolution, and I look forward to more adventures and experiences on this journey we call life!”

As the situation unfolds, all eyes remain on the Brown family and the repercussions of Leon’s outspoken rage. With tensions running high and emotions running rampant, the future of Meri and Amos’ relationship hangs in the balance, leaving many to wonder how it will impact the dynamics of the family moving forward

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