Meri Brown Says She Is Okay Not Being Friends With Her Sister Wives — Not Seeking It

Meri Brown became known as a ‘lone wolf’ in the latter seasons of Sister Wives. Ever since the catfish scandal, her and Kody’s relationship has suffered greatly, and all the other wives have followed suit. While Robyn was the closest to the polygamist, Janelle and Christine developed a beautiful friendship over the years.

Sister Wives

As far as Meri was concerned, she was very much a part of the multiple family but had trouble connecting with either of the family members. In the last season, she parted ways with Kody, and a family fallout happened. Years after this incident, Meri finally decided to address how she dealt with it and her current dynamics with the people from the family.

Meri Brown Is Better Off Without Being Friends With Her Sister Wives? Likes Being Cordial!

It’s been a while since Sister Wives fans got to see the Browns on their TV screens. They had to go through many changes in the past season. Not only Janelle but also Meri decided to part ways with the polygamist. Since then, Robyn has been the last woman standing in the family and sticking by Kody. Meri’s bond with the polygamist has been suffering since 2015, i.e., the year of the catfish incident.

At last, she parted ways with everyone in the family and never looked back. In a new podcast episode, Meri opened up about the current family dynamics. She said that all of them don’t speak as much as they used to years ago. Yet, they get along whenever they have to meet up for big family gatherings. Meri was clear while saying she doesn’t seek Janelle, Christine, and Robyn out for a “friendship.”

Sister Wives

She explained this while saying the family had more than a year in the past before her separation to mend their bonds. But it never happened. Meri mentioned how she has been working on herself, and for her, it has been important to be around people, so “encourage that.” The star embracing her solo life has been impressing her followers a lot and they cheer her on for it.

Sister Wives: Meri Had A Hard Time Processing The Family Fallout!

Meri also mentioned how it was very hard to come to terms with leaving the plural family. The Sister Wives star had a difficult time understanding how it would be the “right thing” for her to part ways. Just like everyone in the family, Meri had also grown up in a polygamous household. Hence, she didn’t know life outside of it.

Sister Wives

But Meri has realized that just because her life used to be “a certain way” doesn’t mean it was something bad that she “made a change.” She now understands the power of letting things be and go if the relationship doesn’t feel “reciprocal.” On top of that, Meri finds it awesome that Janelle and Christine continue to be close even after the fallout and support them.

What do you think Meri has in store for the upcoming season of the show? What would you want to see in her storyline? Tell us your theories in the comments below.

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