Michael Could SUE Angela?!

Angela’s paranoia about Michael has reached new heights, leading to a dramatic confrontation over his phone. Calling in security to keep Michael from reclaiming it, Angela’s actions reveal a deep mistrust. Why is the phone so critical to her? Angela fears Michael could sue her or that the government might, should Michael need public assistance. It’s a significant worry, one she should have considered before their multiple visa applications and marriage.

The episode rewinds to Angela inspecting Michael’s phone, convinced he’s involved in a criminal visa organization. However, Angela often exaggerates, and she consults an immigration attorney for advice. The attorney, lacking full context, advises Angela to be certain before making any drastic decisions about the visa application. She warns that Michael becoming a U.S. resident would mean Angela is financially responsible for him for ten years, even if they divorce. This concern adds to Angela’s fears about potential lawsuits.

Angela recalls Michael’s immigration interview in the Ivory Coast, where questions about a previous denial in Nigeria arose. Despite assurances that the investigation would only take two weeks, the attorney mentions it could take over a year. This revelation intensifies Angela’s anxiety.

The attorney advises Angela to have a serious conversation with Michael before withdrawing support, noting the irreversible consequences. Angela’s fear of financial loss is palpable as she provides for her six grandchildren. Despite her concerns, Angela decides to confront Michael.

Angela finds alarming content on Michael’s phone: a photo of cash, pictures of older women, and her personal information. She accuses Michael of sharing her tax information in a group chat, a claim Michael vehemently denies. He explains the documents were for his visa interview, not for malicious purposes. Michael, frustrated by the accusations, feels his reputation is unfairly tarnished.

The confrontation escalates when Angela accuses Michael of being a scammer and threatens to report him. Michael, seeking to clear his name, tries to reclaim his phone, leading to a physical struggle. Angela asserts ownership of the phone, claiming she bought it for him, while Michael argues it’s now his property.

The scene highlights the ongoing tension and mistrust between Angela and Michael. Despite Michael’s explanations, Angela remains unconvinced, escalating the drama further. Angela’s relentless suspicion and aggressive tactics illustrate a relationship fraught with mistrust and misunderstanding.

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