Michael Ran Away Because Angela is Abusive | 90 Day Fiancé


Michael, a prominent figure on “90 Day Fiancé,” recently went missing, sparking concern among fans and his wife, Angela. Despite their age difference and scrutiny over their relationship, Michael professed his love for Angela, emphasizing their marriage.

Angela took to social media to express distress over Michael’s disappearance, fueling speculation about his motives. Some suggest he may be using the marriage to secure a visa, a claim Angela vehemently denies. She has been with Michael for seven years, but accusations of using him for fame and financial gain persist.

Amid the chaos, Angela’s behavior and past controversies have come under scrutiny. Allegations of abuse, both physical and emotional, have been raised, painting a troubling picture of their relationship. Despite this, Michael’s desire to come to America remains strong, with hopes of meeting Trump.

The situation took a surprising turn when Michael contacted the police, claiming he feared for his life and refusing to disclose his location to Angela. This revelation has cast doubt on the nature of their relationship and raised questions about Angela’s behavior.

As the drama unfolds, fans and critics alike are left to ponder the true nature of Michael and Angela’s relationship. Updates on this story are eagerly awaited, as the truth behind Michael’s disappearance remains elusive.


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