Michael speaks out publicly for the second time after escaping from Angela

In February 2024, 90 Day Fiancé star Michael Ilani was reported missing in Georgia. A few days later, his wife Angela Deem revealed he had been found safe. It was uncovered that Michael’s disappearance was planned as he intended to leave Angela after filming the tell-all episodes of the latest season. Michael received help from others to escape Angela’s house. Blogger John Yates claimed that Michael had been in contact with members of the Nigerian community in the U.S. and was picked up by a car on the day of his escape. He is currently staying with an American woman who promised to help him legalize his stay in the U.S.

In early March 2024, Michael spoke publicly for the first time via a video on a blogger’s Instagram, reassuring fans he was safe but not revealing his location due to fear of Angela. Michael warned fans about fake profiles impersonating him and announced plans to launch his official social media pages. Seven weeks later, Michael updated fans about his new Cameo account and Facebook page, encouraging them to order personalized videos. He revealed that Angela had been withholding their joint Cameo earnings, giving him only a small portion. Michael expressed gratitude to his supporters and encouraged them to follow him for more updates.

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