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The Sister Wives cast members Janelle and Cody Brown are the parents of Gabriel Brown. When Sister Wives debuted on TLC in 2010 for its first season, Gabriel had just turned 10. Cody managed his connections with Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown, while Gabriel grew up watching the reality show. Unfortunately, Gabriel and his brother Garrison’s bond with their father hasn’t been able to recover from their falling out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their disagreement over Cody’s guidelines regarding the virus led to an argument. Cody’s marriage to Janelle became difficult due to the split between his sons. He refused to mend his relationship with Gabriel, resulting in ongoing tension since the lockdowns.

Gabriel expressed his anger during Sister Wives season 18 over the way Cody handled him and Garrison. This played a significant role in Janelle’s decision to break up with Cody. Despite the hardships, Gabriel is embracing his life as a young adult. Born on October 11, 2001, Gabriel is now 21 years old and has spent more than half of his life on Sister Wives. The conflict with his father escalated on his 20th birthday when Cody forgot the occasion and instead discussed COVID-19. In a confessional interview, Gabriel revealed that this incident was the turning point in his decision to end their relationship.

Gabriel is not looking to become a TV personality or influencer. He attends Northern Arizona University, starting college in February 2020, just before the pandemic lockdown. Despite having around 68,000 followers on Instagram, he doesn’t post often. Gabriel prefers to lead a life outside of reality TV and stays out of the spotlight.

The conflict between Janelle’s sons and Robyn Brown remains unresolved. As Janelle and Cody’s breakup plays out on the show, Gabe and Garrison’s strained relationship with Robyn continues. Cody’s stringent measures during the pandemic caused a rift with his children, most notably Gabe and Garrison. Despite their ongoing pain, Cody maintains his convictions, defending his behavior as protecting his younger children. Gabe and Garrison criticized Cody for his double standards and declared they were done with him. The boys continue to support their mother and avoid Cody and Robyn.

Gabriel and Garrison plan to enjoy Christmas with their mother and Christine Brown. Janelle confirmed that due to the conflict, she would not attend Cody and Robyn’s holiday celebrations. Cody believes the boys should apologize and talk to him about their behavior. However, Garrison stated they no longer need a father figure. Cody, in a confessional, expressed his frustration over the holiday drama.

Before formally tying the knot in 2014, Robyn and Cody were spiritually married in 2010. Christine publicly separated from Cody in November 2021, followed by Janelle and Meri the next year. Financial difficulties have Janelle considering reconciliation with Cody, as she struggles with stability. The ongoing drama is still being shown on the TLC series, highlighting the lasting impact of the pandemic on the Brown family.

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