Natalie’s journey on reality TV has taken an unexpected turn with Mike potentially serving her divorce papers on national television. This dramatic gesture seemed cruel, yet it highlighted Natalie’s refusal to let go of Mike, who she has kept as a backup plan. During the tell-all, the tension peaked when Mike, diplomatically addressing Natalie’s situation with Josh, revealed his relief at no longer being with her.

Mike stood firm against Natalie’s emotional pleas to consider having a child together, making it clear that he didn’t want to father a child with her while being separated. Natalie defended her attachment to Mike, claiming he was her connection between Ukraine and the USA, which only confused Josh further. The confusion and drama reached a climax when Mike asked Debbie to bring the divorce papers on stage, a move that left everyone stunned.

Debbie, the slowest walker on stage, added to the suspense as she handed over the papers, making it clear that Mike had reached his limit. Despite Debbie’s attempts to comfort Natalie, the general consensus was that Mike’s actions, though dramatic, were justified. Natalie was left bewildered and emotional, struggling to understand the implications of the divorce papers.

Natalie’s mom’s status in the country added to her worries, but Mike reassured her that it wouldn’t be affected. The tell-all continued with Mike revealing his new relationship and plans to move in with his girlfriend, while Josh awkwardly tried to make the situation about himself. The spotlight shifted back to Natalie, who insisted she didn’t want a divorce, highlighting her indecisiveness.

The episode concluded with both men leaving the stage, Natalie showing mixed feelings towards each of them. It became clear that Natalie needed to move on from both Mike and Josh, take time for herself, and figure out her priorities. Therapy and a fresh start away from LA might be her best path forward. Mike and Josh’s reluctance to commit made it evident that Natalie needed to find a new direction, away from the men who couldn’t provide the stability she sought.

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