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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” star Jenny Slatten was glowing in Instagram videos from her beach trip in Goa with husband Sumit Singh and daughter Christina. Jenny, looking younger than ever, gained popularity with Sumit on Season 1 of the spin-off. Originally from Palm Springs, Jenny moved to India to marry Sumit, who was already married. Despite many ups and downs over three seasons, they finally tied the knot in the finale.

Now living in Delhi, fans are eager for their return. The couple, with a controversial age gap—Jenny is 62 and Sumit is 32—initially met on Facebook a decade ago. Sumit catfished Jenny as “Michael Jones” for almost a year before they fell in love. During this time, Sumit’s parents arranged his marriage to a woman from their community. His divorce was lengthy and costly, leading him to develop an aversion to marriage. However, Jenny needed to marry to stay in India permanently, so they secretly wed in December 2021.

Recently, Jenny’s daughter Christina and her wife visited the couple in India. Instagram posts show the family enjoying Goa’s beaches. Fans noticed how youthful Jenny looked, with comments praising her appearance. Jenny’s rare selfie with Sumit showed them happy and relaxed, with followers noting how good married life seemed for them. Sumit also received compliments for his weight loss.

Despite their happiness, some fans are concerned about Sumit’s parents, as he has not informed them of his marriage. If the couple returns to a new spin-off, more awkward encounters with his in-laws are expected. Jenny might have to prepare for these challenges instead of enjoying beach trips.

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