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‘Sister Wives’ fans quickly noticed that Janelle and her daughter Maddie went to Disney World without Kody. For almost two years, Kody hasn’t been seen with his other wives, leading to canceled excursions and speculation about his whereabouts. Maddie revealed that Kody never visits her or her children in North Carolina, increasing tensions in the family since season 16 ended.

Kody’s “out of sight, out of mind” attitude is evident, especially with his older children. Maddie and her husband Caleb have been on the show since 2010, raising their family without Kody’s help. During their Disney trip, Janelle expressed gratitude for spending time with her grandchildren, while Maddie shared that Evie loved meeting Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’. Maddie even joked about a fuzzy family photo taken while Evie was napping.

Fans are upset by Kody’s absence from family events, noting his focus on his fourth wife, Robyn. Janelle has been a constant presence in Maddie’s children’s lives, unlike Kody. His absence does not seem to bother Maddie or Janelle, who have grown accustomed to his rigid standards. Viewers are eager to see how Kody’s behavior unfolds in season 17 and if his time away from the family was worth it. Janelle and Maddie are now recovering from their Disney vacation.


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