OMG! WOW! Finally Christine Brown Pregnant | Today’s Very Very Surprising News | Sister Wives | TLC

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown is making waves among fans as she prepares for season 19. Recently, she’s been sharing her adventures, but some fans are concerned about her changing dynamic since marrying David Woolly. When Christine married David a few months ago, she made it clear that Janelle Brown, another Sister Wife, was part of the package deal, and David was on board with that.

Initially, everything seemed harmonious, with Janelle joining them on outings, but fans have noticed a shift. While Christine seems happy, she appears to be aligning more with David’s interests. She’s taken up four-wheeling, celebrated David’s new sports equipment, and even attended her first NASCAR race with him over Memorial Day weekend, now booking more races.

Fans worry that Christine might lose herself in her efforts to please David. They appreciate her role as a caretaker but want to see David engaging in her interests too, suggesting he join her in cooking, a passion of hers. They don’t want her to lose her identity in her new role as Mrs. Woolly, as they still value Christine as an individual.

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