Predicament! Tantrum! New Update! Janelle Brown Drops Breaking News || It Will Shock You

Janelle Brown has finally opened up about why she stays with Cody, a question that has long puzzled viewers given her self-sufficiency. Despite a deep friendship, Cody hasn’t been the most devoted husband, especially during the pandemic when he failed to keep his promise of support. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle explains her reasons.

Janelle faces a challenging situation with no outright possessions. Christine owned their Flagstaff house and kept the proceeds from its sale. Robyn and Cody co-own Robyn’s house, while Meri rents but owns a B&B. Janelle believes she has nothing to leave her kids, as her Las Vegas home’s proceeds went into the family fund. She’s eager to build on Coyote Pass to have something to her name, driven by concern for her children’s long-term security.

Savannah, Janelle’s youngest, will graduate high school next year, potentially giving Janelle a different perspective. Her adult children are doing well, and her commercial success and social media presence bring her joy. Despite Cody’s absence from her posts, Janelle beams with happiness, promoting Plexus products for weight reduction, though not all fans approve.

Rumors suggest Janelle has permanently parted ways with Cody. At their son Logan’s wedding, they didn’t sit together, hinting at a separation. If Janelle’s glow is any indication, she may be adjusting to life as a single mother. Tune in to the latest Sister Wives episode to see if Janelle’s departure is addressed.

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