PROOF! Rob Lied About Claire | 90 Day Fiancé


In a recent video, the content creator highlights evidence provided by CLA, shedding light on her relationship with Rob before their appearance on 90 Day Fiancé. CLA shared screenshots of conversations dating back to 2021, suggesting a healthy dynamic between them.

Rob’s messages to CLA demonstrate trust and openness, contradicting his recent claims about their relationship. He expressed concern and shared personal feelings, indicating a positive bond with CLA.

Despite Rob’s statements on the show, the messages reveal a different narrative, where he acknowledges his mistakes and attempts to communicate with Sophie. CLA’s responses were respectful, showing a desire to move on from past issues.

The content creator emphasizes the importance of these receipts in understanding the truth behind Rob and CLA’s relationship. They also criticize Rob’s behavior, suggesting that his actions may have contributed to the challenges in his relationship with Sophie.

Overall, the video serves as a reminder to consider all perspectives before forming opinions about reality TV relationships. It highlights the complexity of human relationships and the importance of communication and trust.

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