Red Dead Online: Iconic Western Film Characters Players Have Created

The online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Online, offers players the ability to customize their character down to the smallest details, which has led to some recreating the likenesses of famous characters and actors from classic Hollywood Westerns. Even though RDO provides little for players to spend money on, especially when it comes to the lack of outfit options in its more recent updates, players have still been able to accurately replicate the look of some of cinema’s most famous Western characters, ranging from those seen in Hollywood’s Golden Age, to the anti-heroes present in the works of Quentin Tarantino.

Thankfully, for those fans looking to emulate their favorite Western characters, the most creative players in the Red Dead Online community regularly provide tutorials on Reddit and YouTube. These step-by-step guides are perfect for players who would prefer to step into the shoes of an iconic Western character as opposed to creating someone of their own, and given Red Dead takes so much inspiration from film anyway, many of the clothing items in the game are based on costumes previously seen on the big screen.

It’s possible to emulate many of the most iconic Hollywood looks in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode, but players are only able to customize protagonist Arthur Morgan’s clothing, hair, and facial hair. In direct contrast, Red Dead Online includes a highly detailed face-creator that allows for a highly specific degree of character customization, letting players change their character’s face and body shape to get the desired look. This has led to a plethora of onscreen characters being recreated in the game, including some of the actors who have helped define the Western genre.

How To Make Clint Eastwood In Red Dead Online

An outlaw and a bounty hunter begrudgingly team up to beat a sadistic villain to a stash of buried treasure in what is considered by many to be the best western movie of all time. Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly has a great cast of excellently written characters, with Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of The Man With No Name making him a household name. For many, he is the iconic western tough guy, and so players recreating him in Red Dead Online is understandable.

YouTube user War in 94 did a particularly good job of recreating the Dollars trilogy protagonist. The hairstyle, which is purchasable from the barber and is not available in character creation, is notable for being the same look Reverand Swanson has in single-player, taking what was a very aloof looking hair-do and making it look more like the gritty locks of an iconic gunslinger.

Red Dead Online Players Have Made John Wayne

John Wayne is just as iconic as Clint Eastwood when it comes to the Western genre, if not more so. Whereas Eastwood often portrayed the hardened outlaw with an edge, John Wayne’s characters typically balanced darkness and bravado with whimsy. Some of his most iconic Western roles include the drunken marshall Rooster Cogburn in the original True Grit, and the hate-driven Civil War veteran Ethan Edwards in The Searchers.

While Rockstar’s interpretation of the Old West in Red Dead Redemption owes more to Anti-Westerns than to the films Wayne starred in, the actor’s likeness still fits the game’s setting perfectly. YouTuber JimRuthless has made not one, not two, but three renditions of John Wayne in Red Dead Online, improving his method each time to create a truly accurate recreation of the actor. The entire step-by-step process to recreate the character is available on his channel to copy, so players can take on the role of the duke himself in RDO. Not only that, but the channel offers tutorials for plenty of other Red Dead creations, including ways to mimic some of the game’s NPCs.

Red Dead Online Players Could Team Up As Django Unchained’s Heroes

Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is considered by many to be a modern Western classic. Set in the antebellum south decades before the year Red Dead Redemption is set inDjango Unchained follows the exploits of Dr. King Schultz and Django, a freed slave, as they develop their reputation as bounty hunters and attempt to rescue his wife from the sinister plantation-owner, Calvin Candie. The film is filled with plenty of Tarantino brand off-the-wall action and even some great comedy. Though the movie will have you rooting against most of the characters, a few of them are exceptionally likable, and none more so than Django and Schultz, portrayed by Jaime Foxx and Christoph Waltz respectively.

Although Red Dead Online is set close to 50 years after the events of Django Unchained, both Django and King Schultz make undeniably great characters to play as. JimRuthless has uploaded videos for both Django and Schultz, with the option potentially working best for a pair of friends playing the game together. Taking the bounty hunter role would be incredibly fitting for players playing both or either of these characters, as the two are professional bounty hunters themselves – and pretty good ones at that.

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