Richard Allen Arrested in the Deaths of Abby Williams and Liberty German in the Richard Allen Delphi Murders

In accordance with the most recent sources, two little girls, Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German, were killed in Delphi, Indiana. At the time of the murder, Libert was 14 years old and Abigail was 13 years old. The case’s occurrences occurred in 2017, which was about five years ago. Richard Allen, a 50-year-old male, is the individual who was detained by the police in connection with the incident. The law enforcement officers detained Richard Allen on Friday.

Arrested in the Delphi killings of Abby Williams and Liberty German is Richard Allen

According to Fox59’s reporting, Richard Allen was initially taken into custody and lodged in the Carroll County jail, but due to security and safety concerns, Richard was transferred from there to a state facility. Law enforcement authorities describe the arrest of Richard Allen as a momentous event because it has been more than five years since the murder of the young girls, even though many specifics regarding the arrest or subsequent developments in the case have not yet been made public. The Indian State Police has scheduled a news conference for Monday, during which additional information about the arrest and the investigation will be disclosed.

The sad murder occurred on February 13, 2017. At the Monon High Bridge, the girls were out on a hike. The structure was an old, deserted rail bridge that was located nearby Delphi. They left for the hike and the girls never returned. After a couple of hours, Libby’s father arrived at the location to pick up the girls, but they never did. The two girls’ families reported that they were missing to the police. The bodies of both females were discovered a half-mile off the hiking track the following day, one day after they went missing. The killings were determined to be homicides after the initial police inquiry, but the manner of the girls’ deaths was never disclosed.

The Snapchat app on Libby’s smartphone provided as a crucial piece of evidence during the case’s investigation. The cops shared a Snapchat video that Libby had recorded while they were on their hike. Other than the girls, a third figure can be seen in the film. Although the identity of the person was not made obvious, it can be assumed that it was a man who was observed approaching the girls while sporting a jacket and sweatshirt. The man can be heard saying things like “boys” and “down the hill” in the video even though the dialogue between the girls and the man is not seen.

The girls may have been contacted by a phony Snapchat account, according to the police, who are conducting further investigations into the victims’ cell phones, leading them to the hiking trail. Catfishing is the term used to describe the act of using a phony social media account and false information. The cops discovered an internet profile with the username “anthony-shots” while conducting their inquiry. The individual was described as a wealthy male model in the profile. Police made it obvious that the account’s creator may have connected with young girls using his account in order to obtain their addresses, naked images, and other personal information and possibly even try to meet them. According to the police, it is how the females also got to the hiking trail.

There had been a lot of surprising developments and conclusions in the Delphi murder case during the inquiry. The hosts of the weekly crime podcast The Murder Sheet were able to access court records in May that revealed new details concerning the deaths of the two girls. The document claims that the girls’ murders were committed elsewhere, not at the location where their remains were discovered. The paper also raised the possibility that the murderer may have taken mementos of his heinous deed.

The inquiry revealed that the girls may have lost a lot of blood during their murder, among other things. This information was revealed through a search warrant from the FBI. The weapon used to carry out the act is still unknown and unidentified, despite the fact that it was discovered that the victims lost a lot of blood during their murder.

The Murder Sheet hosts revealed to The Independent, an online newspaper, in the month of August that police were looking for the little girls’ bodies in the river. The information was provided by the podcast’s hosts, Aine Cain and Kevin Greenlee. Additionally, they displayed images that showed approximately twelve police officers searching the Wabash River. The river is located about 35 kilometers east of Delphi. The police officers can be seen holding a variety of objects, including buckets and tools like metal detectors.

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