Rips Apart Robyn’s Color+Robyn Calls Out Kody, Meri’s Brutal Exposé on Kody&Robyn+Janelle Blistering

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s intense self-centeredness is glaringly evident during a rewatch of the show. In one episode, when Truely was critically ill in the hospital, Kody’s brief visit to one of his wives’ homes to freshen up was telling. When asked about Truely, his reply was, “I just spent two hours listening to her scream,” starting his response with “I.” This highlights his focus on himself during others’ pain. Even during childbirth or other family crises, his primary concern seems to be how these events inconvenience him.

His upbringing didn’t help, exhibiting traits of a malignant narcissist. When his son went to the hospital for a coronavirus check, Kody pondered if he should have pretended to be sicker to stay with him, showing no consideration for overwhelmed healthcare workers, only his desires. His favoritism towards his wife Robyn is despicable, and he seems oblivious to his awfulness, believing others fail to recognize his supposed greatness. He rationalizes his faults, blaming everyone else for the family’s problems.

Christine raises a valid point about unfair treatment, noting how one child’s needs dictated the entire family’s move. When Christine suggested staying behind for a year, Kody dismissed it. Yet, when Robyn’s child needed something, they were quick to move. Financially, it would have made more sense for Christine and Janelle to stay behind, selling only two houses at once and saving on rent payments. Mary could have stayed too, reducing expenses further.

In another episode, Robyn desires a happy moment when announcing her pregnancy but expresses doubts about the family’s joy. This shows a lack of empathy for the teens navigating a complex family dynamic. Robyn seemed to turn it into a divide between her children and the rest of the family, carrying resentment from the first baby announcement to the next. Her singling out Hunter and holding on to resentment for years is unsettling.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Robyn had a nanny despite not going anywhere and having Kody there most of the time. Mary could have pitched in, especially since she was diligently following all the rules. Robyn’s refusal of Mary’s help with a flimsy excuse shows manipulation. Robyn might struggle to manage her marriage, household, and kids, outsourcing childcare because she can’t handle it herself.

As a viewer, it’s apparent that Robyn and Kody are problematic, but Mary’s constant tears and portrayal as a victim despite bullying behavior are also grating. Her aversion to sliding doors is curious, and it’s worth considering that Janelle mentioned Robyn and Kody have a more mature love compared to when they were younger.

Mary’s journey is tough. Struggling to conceive while Kody’s second wife gets pregnant year after year, it’s understandable Mary might become defensive and combative. She might have been one of the biggest victims, her decision to divorce Kody possibly not voluntary. Christine’s insights suggest Mary was mistreated, explaining her prickly demeanor.

In one episode, Marie’s reluctance to pretend everything is fine is met with Robyn’s quick retort, “the act is easy.” Cody’s willingness to fulfill his duties as a husband to Mary is questionable. His actions suggest he was only interested in taking her money. Cody’s track record with honesty is poor, and his statements often lack substance.

The decision to move the family to Flagstaff seemed influenced by Robyn’s preferences, especially considering Dayton’s connection to the area. Cody’s justification for the move was flimsy, almost acting on a whim. Reports suggest Dayton played a significant role, and Gwen confirmed this on her Patreon. The move allowed Cody more control over the family’s assets, with his name attached to every lot in Flagstaff.

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