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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been called out for involving her child’s misfortune for exposure. The mother of five and final wife of Kody Brown has not been generally welcomed by fans for a long while. An episode from Season 8 has resurfaced, and viewers have a lot to say about it.

Robyn Brown has been criticized for using her child’s misfortune for publicity. Viewers have not warmly embraced Robyn and her control tactics, often seeing her as playing the victim in her plural marriage. She has positioned herself as Kody Brown’s primary spouse, leading to the other wives and their children feeling sidelined.

A photo from Season 8 shows Robyn’s oldest son, Dayton, in a hospital bed, seriously injured, with Robyn by his side, seemingly using the moment for exposure. Fans found this distasteful and criticized her for appearing to prioritize her appearance over her child’s well-being.

Robyn’s actions have led to comparisons with Disney’s Mother Gothel from Tangled, known for her manipulative and gaslighting behavior. Fans on Reddit have drawn parallels between the two, highlighting Robyn’s perceived manipulative and controlling behavior.

In related news, Meri Brown revealed that Kody Brown forgot to call her on her birthday. Kody, who used to fulfill his paternal obligations, has become distant from his extended family, focusing on his life with Robyn. This has caused strain in his relationships with his older children and former wives.

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