Sad News😭! Josh Exposed Bombshell News To Natalie! Get Ready To Shocked

Hello lovely viewers and welcome back to Vog America with Lucy! Josh Weinstein, a star of 90 Day Fiancé, is facing serious allegations concerning his modeling agency, Preview Models. Model Cheron Brown has filed a lawsuit against Weinstein, claiming her photos were used without permission and promised payment never materialized. Despite her requests to cease using her likeness, Weinstein continued, raising doubts about his business practices. Fans of the reality show are unsurprised, noting Weinstein’s history of questionable tactics, such as exploiting aspiring influencers by charging them for exposure. This scandal highlights the risks in the entertainment industry, underscoring the importance of vigilance.

In other news, where do Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi stand since Happily Ever After Season 8? Meanwhile, Jasmine Pann’s rumored split from Gino Palazolo has fans speculating. They’ve faced numerous issues from the start, including trust and financial disagreements. Jasmine’s struggle to adapt to life in America, combined with Gino’s frugality and oversight in immigration paperwork, added strain to their relationship. Rumors suggest Jasmine has a new boyfriend, further hinted at by her social media posts. As these stories continue to unfold, stay tuned for more updates from the world of 90 Day Fiancé.

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