Sad News: Sister Wives Is Ending After Season 19? Fans Spot Major Hints

Kody Brown’s downfall is very much evident in the latest Sister Wives season. Fans saw it coming ever since his and Robyn’s COVID-19 pandemic rules had begun causing a ruckus in the family.

At last, the water went over Christine’s head, and she decided to get a divorce. Soon, Janelle and Meri also followed the cue.

It is pretty clear from the latest episodes that Kody and Robyn are going to be the only couple in the show. But does this mean TLC will cancel the show as it was all about the concept of polygamy? Some major hints have made fans feel so!

Sister Wives: Fans Are Sure Season 19 Will Be The Last! Will TLC Cancel The Show?

Sister Wives Season 18 is on the verge of wrapping up. The new season was absolutely different than all others. That’s because not just Janelle but Meri also left Kody.

So, Robyn is the only wife the polygamist has now. Christine, Meri, and Janelle’s social media handles are enough proof that they are enjoying their life after coming out of the plural marriage.

It is likely that TLC would want to air the show with only Kody and Robyn as the main castmates. Many had already urged the network to start a spin-off of the same with just Janelle and Christine as they are the most liked.

However, they have not yet responded to the same. Amidst all this, a Reddit user noticed a crucial hint and speculated that Season 19 would be the last.

Moreover, Kody and Robyn have failed to land themselves in the good books of the audience. Once Christine, Meri, and Janelle ultimately parted ways, it would be difficult for the monogamous couple to rule over the show and bring in good ratings. Because of all these reasons, fans are speculating that Sister Wives might just be on its last leg now.

Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Hoping For Their Own Spin-Off?

Kody and Robyn are on their own now. Sister Wives Season 18 has been depicting it for a long time. Christine, Meri, and Janelle have been successful in establishing that they want to part ways with the polygamist. Since then, viewers have been doubting if Kody and Robyn would be able to run the show on their own.

There were reports that the monogamous couple was actually looking forward to TLC offering them a show of their own. Viewers couldn’t believe how delusional they were because it is a known fact they are not the most admired castmates. On the other hand, TLC has already teased the idea of Janelle and Christine getting their own spin-off.

Sister Wives

There were reports that Meri Brown will have very little screen presence in the upcoming season. While none of the castmates or the network has confirmed this, fans understand why it might be true. After all, the Sister Wives castmate moved away to Utah to focus on her Heritage Inn business.

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