Shameful!!😭 Kody Brown And Aurora | Today’s Very Shocking News | It Will Shock You

Hello friends, I am Jackson, and welcome to another Sister Wives video. Don’t forget to subscribe if you love the Brown family! Recently, Kody Brown’s relationships with his stepdaughters, Aurora and Brianna Brown, have come under fire after an old photo of Kody kissing Brianna on the lips resurfaced on social media. Kody’s close relationships with the daughters of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, have been a hot topic in the past, but fans have revived the debate amid Kody’s estrangement from several of his biological children. The screenshot, grabbed from an episode filmed while the plural Clans still lived in Las Vegas, shows Kody with his arms wrapped around Brianna, kissing her on the lips. Aurora Brown is currently 20 years old, and Brianna is 18.

The screen grab has been circulating on Facebook and Reddit, and fans have had plenty to say about it. One fan captioned the snap, “This is his non-biological preteen daughter WTF.” Another person pointed out that Kody had not been seen kissing any of his biological children on the mouth. The viewer wrote, “I’ve never seen him kiss any of his other kids on the lips. That is why it is weird, as well as the fact that they kissed like that before he married their mom and had only been in their lives for less than a year.”

Kody divorced his first wife, Meri, in 2014 to legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children from her previous marriage: Dayton, 22; Aurora, and Brianna. Fans raised a collective eyebrow when Kody was filmed carrying Aurora, who was 17 at the time, to her bedroom amid a panic attack during season 14. Robyn described the situation in a personal interview, commenting, “We just need to get her out of this room; we need to get her to her bedroom.” She explained that when Aurora experiences these episodes, she can’t talk or walk. Kody was heard whispering to the teenager as he swept her away, “It’s always awk; look at my eyes, I’m right here.”

Lots of fans called out Kody’s dramatic description of a more recent interaction with Aurora after Sunday’s episode. The episode featured Aurora quarantining in the basement amid a COVID outbreak, and Kody recalling the pair sobbing over their 10-day separation. The tearjerker came as Gabe, whom he shares with his second wife Janelle, sobbed in a personal interview while recollecting his father forgetting his birthday during a phone call. Sister Wives fans took notice and shared their thoughts on the unsettling contrast on social media. One person tweeted, “Poor Gabe, Kody forgets his birthday but cries because he misses Aurora who is downstairs. Unbelievable, gosh I hope Janelle left him.” Another wrote, “Watching Gabe break down over the abuse and neglect, and how Kody talks about Gabe, then seeing Kody breaking down over being in the same house with Aurora and not being able to touch her, in the same mansion. Also, that whole ‘Failure to Launch’ mansion is giving mental health issues.” A fan said, “Kody couldn’t listen to himself crying because he hasn’t seen Aurora in 10 days, but he’s fine without seeing his other kids like Gabe.” Another asked, “Kody was sobbing because he couldn’t see Aurora for 10 days? But he could go months without seeing Gabe and his other kids.” A third chimed in, “Kody, you forgot Gabe’s birthday, though. You called him on his birthday to talk about COVID because you and the chosen are sick. You don’t make much effort to see Truely regularly, yet you are crying because you miss Aurora who is 10 feet away in the same freaking house.”

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