Shock Rob breaks his NDA and exposes TLC and Sophie for damaging his reputation with their lies !

This week, Rob Warne went on a lengthy rant about everything wrong with his wife, Sophie Sierra, and the 90 Day Fiancée franchise. He claimed the show’s fake storylines and deceptive editing have recently gone so far and have permanently ruined his reputation in real life. Rob didn’t want to be on reality TV. According to one of his recent Instagram stories, it was entirely Sophie’s idea since appearing on a popular reality TV show would increase her social media followers and drive traffic to her OnlyFans page.

During a recent Q&A session on his Instagram page, Rob disclosed sensitive information that he was not supposed to reveal to the fans at the current time. Rob could have waited until the Happily Ever After season 8 Tell All episodes aired before exposing anyone; however, he was pushed over the edge by the false accusations and online trolls. He decided it was time to reveal the truth and stop the lies from spreading further.

In the preview for the upcoming episode of the eighth season of “Happily Ever After,” Sophie discovers Rob’s second phone and plans to use it as proof to expose him for online cheating on her. However, Rob assured his Instagram followers that he never had a second phone, while his British wife had three.

Rob told his fans that he is perfectly fine with his wife having an OnlyFans page. He has also clarified that he does not have any problem with her going out to nightclubs with her girlfriends without him. Rob has denied the show’s narrative that portrayed him as an insecure and controlling husband. He has also mentioned that people have accused him of cheating on Sophie for an online interaction he had with a stranger three years before Sophie got her k-1 visa.
On the show, Sophie told the camera and her friend Kae that Rob had not touched her for six months. However, this was not entirely true. The truth is that she was the one who rejected Rob for more than half a year. Sophie’s decision to leave their rented apartment in Austin, Texas, made it even harder for both to rekindle their relationship.
Sophie Sierra accidentally exposed herself as a liar when she told her female friend, Kae, that she slept with several women before meeting Rob. Sophie didn’t disclose she was BI to Rob until she came to the United States on a sponsored K-1 visa. She lied to his face, denying that she had ever been intimate with a woman before meeting him.
Rob Warne confirmed that he was paying for everything when Sophie Sierra moved to Los Angeles, California, to live with him, and he continued to do so when they moved to their apartment in Austin, Texas. He denied the allegations of him being a mooch and claimed that he always had a car, a home, and a job and never depended on Sophie and her wealthy parents.

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