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Angela Deem’s love life on “90 Day Fiancé” has been a roller coaster ride. She joined the franchise during “Before the 90 Days” Season 2 to meet her now-husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Their relationship started explosively, with Angela revealing Michael had cheated on her. Despite this, they stayed together and got married in Nigeria. The couple has been featured in multiple spin-offs, becoming one of the most notable “90 Day Fiancé” couples due to their continuous ups and downs.

During “Happily Ever After” Season 7, Angela caught Michael virtually cheating again. Although it seemed like their relationship was over, they worked through their issues in “The Last Resort” Season 1 during couples therapy. They continued to appear on “Happily Ever After” Season 8, which followed Michael’s journey moving to the U.S. However, Michael eventually dumped Angela after arriving in the States.

Angela’s unpredictable behavior often pushed Michael away. They struggled with trust issues, especially after Angela discovered Michael had received oral sex from another woman during their first stint on the show. Their relationship was marked by a lack of compromise, with Angela being very demanding and Michael wanting her to be more submissive.

Tensions rose when Michael didn’t support Angela’s weight loss journey, and they had frequent arguments, including a notable one with Michael’s Aunt Lydia during the “Happily Ever After” Season 6 tell-all. Angela’s confrontational behavior, including flashing her breasts at the camera, further strained their relationship.

Despite their marriage in Nigeria and multiple attempts to secure a K-1 visa, Michael continued to cheat on Angela, with evidence surfacing during “Happily Ever After” Season 7. Angela overlooked his infidelities multiple times but is now pursuing divorce because Michael ran away after moving to the States.

Angela’s tumultuous behavior extended beyond her marriage. She frequently feuded with co-stars, threw a cake in Michael’s face, trashed his car, and stormed off during many tell-alls. Although she attempted to address her anger issues on “The Last Resort,” she reverted to her old ways after Season 1 wrapped. With the news of their split, it seems time for Angela and Michael to leave the franchise.

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