SHOCK!Sister Wives: Kody Feeds Robyn as Season 19 Cameras Roll

Sister Wives star Kody Brown delicately offers Robyn Brown a sugary sweet confection, and it looks like the cameras capture this scene for Season 19 of the TLC series. So, now that Kody no longer has three other wives feeling anger over the attention he pays to Robyn, the two reportedly remove the restraints.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Robyn Brown Unplugged

Kody Brown and the only wife he has left, Robyn Brown, were spotted far from home with the Sister Wives cameras in tow. From reports, it sounds like they played it up for the camera. So, is this a glimpse of what we will see from Kody in the new season, romance between him and Robyn?




Sister Wives | TLC

The three Sister Wives brides who flew the coop have rolled out messages for their fans. It’s all about living life to the fullest after breaking away from Kody Brown and a polygamous marriage.

As far as the ex-wives are concerned, you can’t blame polygamy for the demise of this marriage. It just wasn’t done right.

Didn’t Fit Into Polygamy Model?

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown only asked for a fair share of Kody’s time. These two Sister Wives didn’t get their fair share of their polygamous husband’s attention. This is what they both said during interviews.

Both suggested they didn’t get that time because he’d rather spend it with Robyn Brown. Meri Brown would still be with Kody today if he didn’t make it unbearable to stay.

He told her he never loved her and despite that, she could stay. But he’d have to pretend while doing any husbandly duties she might expect. That’s not the life Meri wanted, so she was last to let go.

Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Unplug

So, it sounds like there’s no need for Robyn and Kody to restrain themselves when showing romance in public anymore. This latest sighting indicates they are schmoozing it up for the cameras no matter who is around.

The couple was spotted in Gatlinburg, Tennessee recently. Fans watched as the once-shared-husband fed Robyn Brown some fudge. The report indicated that Sister Wives cameras rolled as he made this romantic gesture to Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

These two remained quiet during the hiatus between seasons. But now it sounds like they’re breaking out as a monogamous couple, possibly on their second honeymoon. Whispers of a possible marriage renewal ceremony also swirl online.

So when Season 19 of this TLC series hits the screen, we may see Robyn Brown and Kody Brown acting like newlyweds now that they’ve been awarded some freedom, too.

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