Sister Wive! Christine Drop Bombshell Shocking News About Janelle & Kody Reunion! It Will Shock You

Christine Brown from “Sister Wives” continues to revisit memories of her ex-husband, Cody Brown, which has left some fans wondering if she’s fully moved on. When Christine chose to leave Cody and the plural family, it was the right decision. Cody had already expressed that he was no longer attracted to her and was not invested in their children. His favoritism towards his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, further solidified Christine’s choice. Moving to Utah was a challenge, but her older kids were there, making it feel like home. She found happiness with her soulmate, David Woolley, marrying him in October 2023.

Despite her new life, Christine occasionally brings up memories with Cody. For instance, she recently joked about a gas station where she once had nachos with Cody, a memory that he found repulsive. This has led to mixed reactions from fans. Some appreciate her humor, while others wish she would stop referencing Cody, suggesting that it indicates she hasn’t completely moved on.

Cody Brown and his ex-wives had a tradition of taking family trips to Wyoming, which they managed to maintain for years despite their eventual separation. Recently, Janelle and Christine have kept the tradition alive, sharing posts from their Wyoming trip. Janelle posted photos and videos, tagging family members like Christine and Maddie, but notably, Cody was absent. This absence led to speculation that Cody was snubbed, possibly opting for a separate trip with Robyn and their kids.

Christine and Janelle, both thriving post-separation, have focused on their own lives. Christine runs an Airbnb in Utah with David, while Janelle is on a healing journey, following the tragic loss of her son, Garrison. Janelle frequently documents her life on social media, including gardening projects with her daughter Maddie in North Carolina. Meanwhile, Meri Brown, the former first wife, appears to be out of touch with the others, managing her B&B in Utah and recovering from her own heartbreak after ending a relationship with Amos Andrews.

Despite the fractured relationships, some family members still maintain connections. Janelle shared clips from the Wyoming trip, highlighting the time spent with Christine and Maddie. Fans noted Cody’s absence, speculating that he might have chosen a different path with Robyn.

As the Brown family navigates their new dynamics, Cody’s travel to Wyoming sparked conversations among fans about the ongoing family reunion. The reunion is the first since Garrison’s passing, with many family members attending. Janelle mentioned seeing several children, including Gwen, Leon, Audrey, Aspen, Savannah, and David Woolley, celebrating the Fourth of July together. Christine, too, posted about road trips, hinting at her participation in the reunion.

However, Meri remains distant, not posting any clips or pictures from the event. This has led to speculation about her current relationship with the family. Fans continue to watch the Browns’ evolving lives, finding solace in their shared memories and new beginnings.

Janelle recently shared about spending time in Las Vegas with her children, attending a Plexus convention, and enjoying family dinners. Fans found humor in Gabe Brown’s shirt, which referenced their polygamous past. Janelle’s interactions with her children, especially Logan and Gabe, highlighted the family’s bond despite their challenges.

Christine and Janelle’s resilience, especially in the face of personal losses, like Garrison’s passing, underscores their strength. Janelle, in particular, finds solace in her family’s new happy memories, honoring Garrison in meaningful ways. The Brown family, once united in polygamy, now navigates their scattered lives, maintaining connections where they can and finding new paths forward.

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