Sister Wives 18 Kids Where Are They Now 2024 Update // A Sad Death, Feuds, New Beginnings

In 2024, an update on the Brown family, stars of “Sister Wives,” reveals interesting details about Cody’s 18 children. Here’s a glimpse into their current lives:

  • Logan Brown is the oldest at 30, living in Vegas with his wife. He holds an MBA and works as a director of strategic operations.
  • Aspen Brown, Christine’s daughter, married Mitch in 2018. They live in Utah, where Aspen manages a jewelry store.
  • Leon Brown, Mary’s child with Cody, is transgender and lives in Colorado with their partner Audrey.
  • Madison Brown, Janelle and Cody’s first daughter, lives in North Carolina with her husband Caleb and their three kids.
  • Mckel Brown, Christine’s daughter, is happily married to Tony. They have a Patreon where they recap “Sister Wives” episodes.
  • Hunter Brown, Janelle and Cody’s son, lives in Vegas, has a Master’s in nursing, and is in a long-term relationship.
  • Peyton Brown, Christine and Cody’s son, relocated to Utah and is in the National Guard.
  • Garrison Brown, tragically passed away in March 2024. He was in the National Guard and had three adopted cats.
  • Daton Brown, Robin’s adopted son, studied marketing and information systems management.
  • Gabriel Brown, Janelle and Cody’s son, lives in Flagstaff and recently went through a traumatic event.
  • Gwendy Brown, Christine and Cody’s daughter, is married and lives in Flagstaff. She has a YouTube channel and seems to have a strained relationship with some family members.
  • Aurora Brown, Robin’s daughter, studied astronomy and likely lives at home.
  • Isabelle Brown, Christine and Cody’s daughter, had surgery for scoliosis and recently moved back to Christine’s.
  • Savannah Brown, Janelle’s daughter, graduated high school and lives in Flagstaff, dealing with grief over Garrison’s passing.
  • The youngest, Briana, Solomon, and Ariela, live a private life with Robin and Cody, shielded from the public eye.

This update offers a glimpse into the diverse lives of the Brown family’s children, each navigating their own paths in 2024.

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