Sister Wives 19 -Savanah Brown shares the heartbreaking news with fans

  • Kody’s separation from three of his wives is causing deep cracks and challenges within the Brown family on Sister Wives.
  • Despite the drama, Savanah maintains a relationship with some of her siblings and attends Christine’s wedding.
  • Kody has been criticized for not being present for his children, but he did support Savanah at her graduation, indicating an attempt at a relationship. However, his absence during the holidays and lack of effort with his other family members shows the hatred and distance he has created.

How Kody Dissed Savanah In Season 18

Savanah and Janelle Brown from Sister wives posing for a selfie
Sister Wives viewers watched an awkward holiday season unfold in Christine’s house. Not only did Kody not give Savanah a present, but he also didn’t take the time to call or show effort for his family with Janelle. Savanah was abandoned by her dad during the holidays, and while he may have attended her graduation, it may have been because he had a lot of making up to do. Savanah is close in age to Robyn’s daughter Breanna, but the pair do not have a relationship, which they spoke to during season 18. The disconnect between Savanah and Breanna speaks to the animosity and distance Kody has created.

Savanah Brown from Sister Wives has a lot going on, related and unrelated to one of the best reality TV shows. Savanah, 19, is the youngest child of Kody and Janelle Brown. Sister Wives showcases the deep cracks and challenges in the Brown family related to Kody’s separation from three of his four wives. Kody has been focusing on Robyn Brown and their children and has not been present in the lives of his other wives and children. Most tragically, Sister Wives’ Garrison passed away in March 2024, who was also Janelle’s son.

Sister Wives first aired in 2010 and has been a considerable franchise success. Kody, Meri, Christine, and Janelle were married for over two decades before they introduced Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, into the family. The primary goal of Kody was to live with all his wives and children under the same roof, but that never came to fruition after they moved out of Utah. Moreover, during the coronavirus pandemic, Kody established Robyn as his favorite wife and drove away Meri, Christine, and Janelle, who are no longer with Kody.

Savanah Attended Christine Brown’s Wedding

Savanah and Ysabel from Sister Wives in formal wear at wedding

Christine recently married her now-husband David and had a big ceremony where Savanah was a guest. Savanah snapped a photo with her half-sister, Christine’s daughter, Ysabel. She congratulated Christine and David in her post. The occasion and picture show that Savanah still has a relationship with some of her siblings and was happy to stay connected despite all the drama surrounding Kody’s breakup with his original three wives.

Savanah Graduated & Kody Was ThereSavanah and Kody Brown from Sister Wives posing for a selfie

Kody has long been criticized for not being a present father to some of his kids, but he did show up for Savanah during her graduation from high school in May 2023. Savanah shared a carousel post on Instagram highlighting her big day. The second photo in the set was of Savanah and Kody smiling and posing for a selfie. Kody’s attendance indicates his attempt to have a relationship with Savanah, but it seems like Kody’s efforts have been few and far between; that’s why his presence there was special. Savanah’s late brother, Garrison, was also present for the occasion.

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