Sister Wives: Busy Christine Brown Drops Everything & Rushes To Ysabel

Christine Brown from Sister Wives has been very open about her children and how she would do anything for them. Ysabel Brown knows this firsthand. When Ysabel needed to have back surgery, Christine was there at the drop of a hat to support her. This all happened during the pandemic and Kody Brown decided to stay home. This broke Ysabel’s heart and this pretty much sealed the deal when it came to Christine leaving him. Now, it looks like Christine is trying again to be there for Ysabel no matter what.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine Shares Love For Ysabel

When the pandemic broke out, it was clear that the Browns were scattered in many ways. Kody wanted to have strict rules and regulations for his family and this caused many of his children to turn their backs on him. During this time, Ysabel’s doctors informed the family that she needed to have back surgery. This was incredibly tough news to take in, especially during such a scary time. Instead of running, Christine made it a pact to do anything that she could for her daughter. This meant flying to New Jersey in order to be by Ysabel’s side.

christine brown/youtube
Christine Brown – YouTube

No matter what was happening in the world, Christine just knew that she had to take care of her daughter since Kody told them he would not leave his home. Kody’s decision was one that truly broke Ysabel’s heart and this was when Christine knew that it was time for her to leave the marriage. Instead of ending things then, the gals packed up their things and boarded a plane to Jersey in order to get Ysabel back on track.

After Ysabel’s surgery, it became clear that Christine was upset with her husband, and shortly after, she announced that she was leaving the marriage. Her fans stood by her choice to leave and she made it clear that Ysabel’s health was important and when Kody stayed home, she knew this was a sign.

Ysabel Needed Her Mother For The Day

In one of Christine’s most recent posts on Instagram, she shared a lovely photo of herself with Ysabel. The two of them look so happy just hanging out together! Christine captioned the photo, “I’m seriously bombed busy today, but the @ysabelpaigebrown says, ‘I’m coming over and here I am!’ #priorities #blessed #blessedmom #rummy #playing #ihavethingstodo.”

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown-Instagram

Of course, fans loved seeing Christine dropping everything so that she could hang out with her daughter. The two of them looked so happy to hang out and play rummy. Christine’s fans praised her for making time with her daughter and putting off the other things that she had to do. Making time with her daughter seems to come first for her. Fans love seeing her make herself and her children a priority in her life since leaving Kody.

Can you relate to Christine dropping everything to be there for her child? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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